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  • Aliens in Binsted (2)

    Wednesday 17th Aug 2016
    We're also tackling the invasive alien pond weed, 'parrot feather'.  Sounds nice?  Well it's feathery and looks nice in an aquarium, but it has escaped from aquaria and can smother all the lovely, wildlife-supporting native ...Read More...

    Aliens in Binsted (1)

    Wednesday 17th Aug 2016
    An invasive alien, masquerading as a harmless beauty, is infiltrating our countryside and we, at MAVES, have been tackling it. Indian (or Himalayan) Balsam is an annual species with pretty pink flowers resembling bonnets. Unfortunately, unlike our n...Read More...

    Badger Pitfalls

    Saturday 6th Aug 2016
    Dawn Scott of Brighton University and her students have been learning about the badgers in the Maves area.  The main finding is that they lay dangerous heffalump-traps for the unwary, and take no prisoners, as they move between their setts and t...Read More...

    The Stag at Binsted

    Sunday 29th May 2016
    The stag beetle resembles an escapee from a Victorian beetle collection - its mandibles reminiscent of the antlers of that classic Victorian 'Stag at Bay'. The male’s modified mandibles, gleaming, huge, and antler-like, do indeed give...Read More...

    Nature in Art

    Wednesday 25th May 2016
    The landscape and wildlife of the MAVES area, between Arundel Lyminster and Walberton, has inspired poets and artists for generations - such as Laurie Lee and the Wishart family of artists, and many more today. Some of this can be discovered through...Read More...