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  • The Mid Arun Valley – wildlife under threat

    Thursday 29th Apr 2021
    Last week I had the pleasure of helping a colleague monitor his dormouse boxes in a private woodland within the Mid Arun Valley woodland complex. We parked along Binsted Lane and followed the field hedgerows to the woods. The hedges were just coming ...Read More...

    Arun's Halcyon Days

    Tuesday 6th Aug 2019
    The Kingfisher - An Exotic Royal in the Mid Arun Valley                                &nb...Read More...

    The MAVES Dormouse Project

    Saturday 3rd Aug 2019
    The dormouse is one of the UK's 5 most endangered species. The number of dormice in the UK – described as one of the country’s “most endearing woodland mammals” – has fallen by more than 70 per cent in just two decad...Read More...

    Dragonflies take flight

    Monday 8th Jul 2019
    325 million years ago, when the British Isles was covered in dense tropical forests, giant insects reigned.  Some had a wingspan of three quarters of a meter, huge eyes, rapid flight and a voracious appetite. Now, at the height of summer, their...Read More...

    Soaring Swallows make Summer

    Sunday 12th May 2019
      Sightings of Swallows are steadily increasing in the Mid Arun Valley as we stagger from late spring into early summer - hirondelles over Arun dale.  Most of our swallows have returned from South Africa, covering an incredible 200 mile...Read More...