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    If you enjoy using a camera please send us your photos or videos of wildlife and landscape in the Binsted/Arundel/Tortington area.  
    For the time being these should go by email to MAVES Chair Julia Plumstead

    Please respect the rights of way and farming/forestry interests, and take care not to damage or disturb one kind of flora or fauna whilst photographing another.

  • To enter the amazing world of fungi - where better to look than along Binsted's ancient trackways through ancient woods fields and hedgerows

  • Small Mammals in the Arundel/Binsted area - a Water Vole, some of our many Dormice, and a Woodmouse

  • From left to right, starting at the top: Ratty, followed by Happy, Sleepy, InThisTogether, and The Ecology Surveyor. 
    Water Vole by Gary Howard, Dormice and (last one) Wood Mouse by Ian Powell.

    There are many floral hotspots in the Binsted area:

    In Binsted Woods you will find majestic oaks, spring flowers such as primrose, bluebell, early purple orchids, wood anemones and wood sorrel, and even a few daffodils and snakeshead fritillaries.  A little way to the south east the old lane verges have plants scarce in the area such as Lathyrus linifolius.