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  • The MAVES Committee deliver our community environmental work:

    Chair:  Julia Plumstead              Treasurer:  Tony Elphick             Sue Elphick           

    ACT Chair in attendance:   Camilla Lambert          Website manager:  Mike Tristram                Secretary:  Nell Paton           

    Sussex Wildlife Trust partner:      Tony Whitbread                                        Arundel Agenda 21 partner: Kay Wagland            

    Alternate Secretary:       Emma Tristram      Consultant Ecologist:     Jackie Thompson       

    Fundraising lead, &,  Volunteers coordinator:    positions currently vacant, apply Chair if interested                                         

    Maves also continues to deliver ecological survey work:  

    Consultant Ecologist:     Jackie Thompson       Licensed dormouse surveyor:  Ian Powell    Bats: Caroline Powell

    Who are the Trustees of Arun Countryside Trust CIO?

    Camilla Lambert (Chair), Tony Whitbread, Julia Plumstead, Bill Treves, Caroline Powell, Mike Tristram, David Macpherson

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