• University collaborations

    Universities and their students are attracted to collaboration with ACT-MAVES owing to our members' experience and success in surveying dormice and other key species, and the support we have from landowners for carefully managed survey work. Impact on ecology of possible developments also appears to be an angle which interests students and universities.   

    Student projects are supervised from their universities and also receive appropriate support from our consultant ecologist and qualified and experienced volunteers.  University collaborations have included, so far:

    • At Brighton University, a student called James, under supervision from Dawn Scott, has studied the dormouse population from the Binsted Woods complex and associated copses and hedgerows including the effect of the possible bypass routes on their distribution.  
    • At Sussex University, a student called Brandon has studied the ecology of the area including by insect trapping, again including considering the effects of possible bypass routes on the ecology.
    • At Portsmouth University, collaboration possibilities have been raised with Nick Walton Course Leader - Environmental Sciences at the School of Earth & Environmental Sciences.


    Our Partner Universities are:


        University of Brighton                                        University of Portsmouth                 University of Sussex