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  • Winter Visitors

    Sunday 6th Nov 2016
      Just as swallows and swifts herald the beginning of summer, the fieldfares and redwings are a sure sign that winter is approaching. And, whilst we all miss our summer aerial acrobats, we should celebrate the arrival of these attractive winter...Read More...

    Fruiting fungi

    Sunday 2nd Oct 2016
    Autumn is finally upon us with the leaves falling like confetti and dull, damp days. A telltale sign of the changing season is the sudden appearance of fungal fruiting bodies of all manner of shapes and sizes from the delicate shining waxcaps to enor...Read More...

    Soaring Swallows

    Monday 12th Sep 2016
      September gently nudges us into autumn as we notice the days shorten and a certain chill in the evening air. As we sadly bid farewell to our summer, so do many of our seasonal visitors such as the swallow - the hirondelle of Arun dale. Succe...Read More...

    Wet Grassland Management for Conservation

    Sunday 4th Sep 2016
    This guest blog by Colin Hedley is based on his notes from the Arun to Adur Farmers Group (A2A)  study day in the Arun Valley, on 7th June 2016. The Arun Valley is of exceptional value for wintering waders, with both Pulborough Brooks and ...Read More...

    Barn Owls

    Monday 22nd Aug 2016
    Little is more magical than a fleeting glance of a Barn Owl floating through the twilight before vanishing into the night. We are fortunate enough to have two breeding sites in the middle of Binsted Village, and there are plans to increase the resid...Read More...