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  • Hiding Hedgehogs

    Sunday 22nd Nov 2015
    The MAVES area, with its mix of woodlands, hedgerows, wetlands, grasslands, field margins, nurseries and gardens offers ideal habitat for hedgehogs, however, despite this, none have been spotted in 2015. If you have seen one, please tell us. This ma...Read More...

    Dozing dormice

    Thursday 5th Nov 2015
    Perfect October and November days with golden wintry sunshine falling upon trees and shrubs of rich coppers, russets and golds can make even the most urbane of town and city-dwellers stop and stare!  For residents in and around Arundel, such si...Read More...

    Invasive Shrubs - Why We Should Worry

    Friday 30th Oct 2015
    A woodland in March is brimming with promise, buds bursting and bluebells pushing up through the earth. Bird song is on the up, and an explosion of life is afoot. A woodland overtaken with rhododendron (Rhododendron ponticum) or cherry laurel (Prunu...Read More...

    Hedgerow Highways Around Binsted

    Saturday 29th Aug 2015
    Come September our eyes are drawn to hedgerows where cheery red rose hips stand proud inviting all to look; clusters of small shining black elderberries catch the slanting autumn sunshine; and the temptingly plump blackberries beckon all with a sweet...Read More...

    MAVES at Binsted's Strawberry Fair

    Wednesday 22nd Jul 2015
    On Sunday 19th July, volunteers Ian Powell and John Knight manned a display stand at the Binsted Strawberry Fair, a charity fund-raising event which is a traditional country fair in flint barn and fields next to Binsted Nursery.  Here is a ...Read More...