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  • The Big Garden Bird Watch

    Sunday 15th Jan 2017
    Have you got one hour to spare at the end of this month? You can do something great for wildlife! The depths of winter are ideal to see which birds are out and about as there is little in the way of cover and food is scarce. Those of you who have fi...Read More...

    Fill your Feeders!

    Sunday 1st Jan 2017
      Fill your feeders for our feathered friends, for winter’s here.  November sees the last leaves fall from the trees and night exceed day in length – the world becomes dark, dull, and at times unpredictable.  Wind and rai...Read More...

    Community comes together for the Environment

    Tuesday 13th Dec 2016
    Renowned Sussex naturalist and "The county's favourite writer" Richard Williamson came to Walberton in November to deliver Maves' first Winter Talk, 'The Woods and the Fields', an inspiring voyage through the wildlife and la...Read More...

    Our Winter Birds by Richard Williamson

    Tuesday 13th Dec 2016
    Writing in the Littlehampton Gazette on 1st Dec 2016, Richard Williamson says of woodcock, which have recently arrived on migration from Russia:   Binsted Woods is ideal sanctuary for these beautiful birds. It's damp and very rich in inver...Read More...

    The Robin's Red Breast

    Saturday 10th Dec 2016
    As the festive season approaches and our homes brim over with seasonal clutter, the robin takes poll position peering from greetings cards, emblazoned on wrapping paper and perched on a Yuletide chocolate log or in the snowy whiteness of a Christmas ...Read More...