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  • Arundel Veterans

    Sunday 12th Jul 2015
    Mighty trees, usually oaks, but sometimes ash, willows, beech and even field maple punctuate Binsted Woods and the surrounding field margins.  These trees, some of which are two metres wide, have stood on the same spot for hundreds of years g...Read More...

    His Majesty the Purple Emperor

    Thursday 9th Jul 2015
    In his brilliant, funny book ‘In Pursuit of Butterflies: a fifty-year affair’, Matthew Oates calls the Purple Emperor ‘His Imperial Majesty’, as did the old entomologists. The Purple Emperor butterfly is sometimes spotte...Read More...

    ‚ÄčA moth trap session in Binsted

    Thursday 25th Jun 2015
    There hadn’t been any glow-worms on the track the night before, only Venus and Jupiter splendidly approaching their near-conjunction in the western sky, half a moon, and a satellite spidering past.   I walked the same track early next...Read More...

    MAVES surveys could rewrite the Textbooks on Dormice

    Sunday 12th Apr 2015
      Ian Powell, dormouse surveyor of many years' experience, commented at a MAVES committee meeting that what was being found in the Mid Arun Valley Survey area could 'rewrite the textbooks on dormice'.   What is known about...Read More...

    Welcome to the MAVES blog

    Thursday 9th Apr 2015
    On this blog site we will post information of general interest about our progress and what we find out. MAVES aims to understand the environment of the mid river Arun valley and its tributaries, and to share our understanding.  To do this we wi...Read More...