• Volunteering with MAVES (ACT environmental action)

    Please email volunteers@aruncountryside.org if you are interested in participating

    Not volunteered with us before?  Please complete our ACT-MAVES Volunteer Application Form .  
    We will need to receive the form and confirm your registration before you can participate as a MAVES volunteer.

    We are currently recruiting for a new Volunteers Coordinator.  This is a voluntary role on our committee.  Could it be you? Meanwhile if you are volunteering in other capacities please be patient if we do not respond immediately ...

    Experienced Biodiversity Recorders eg in Botany, Birds, Invertebrates, Amphibians, Mammals, and other environmental historians, are invited to contact Jackie Thompson via the email address on the Contact page.  We need your help in this area, including on private land where MAVES has been given permission by the landowner.

    Other volunteers for example from the local community, also please let us know your own observations in or about the MAVES survey area.  These are some of the ways you can do so:

    • If you are a birdwatcher, or love spotting other wildlife and plants, please let us know what you see, how many, a photo if you can and a grid reference. This will all help to build up a picture of the rich ecology in our area.
    • Contribute to our Veteran and Notable Trees Survey, see below
    • Please submit your findings to MAVES via the email address on the Contacts tab. All photos will have the chance of selection for the MAVES Gallery page
    • If you are spotting wildlife in the Binsted area, you can click here to download the Binsted Wildlife Recorder form.
    • NB When out looking for wildlife, please take care to keep to the network of public footpaths lanes and bridleways that criss cross our area (see area map below). You should not go onto private land unless you have express permission from the landowner to do so.
    • If you upload your records to the national irecord system - please do still send them to us too:

    • MAVES is a community based organisation, run by people living in the communities of Arundel and surrounding villages.
    • MAVES continues on a wider scale the community engagement with the local environment that was begun by the Walberton and Binsted Landscape and Wildlife Enhancement Project in 2003-2006.  
    • MAVES welcomes volunteers and supporter members who share our aim to help local people enjoy understanding and connecting to our beautiful countryside.
    • If you are interested in the landscape wildlife and habitats of this area, please email our Chair Julia Plumstead to be put on our mailing list.  We will use this list to send you occasional newsletters and inform you from time to time of any guided walks, talks or volunteering opportunities.  You can also talk to our committee members and volunteers at some community occasions such as the Binsted Strawberry Fair.

    Insurance and Liability 
    MAVES £5M public liability insurance certificate can be viewed here
    An example of a Maves volunteer event Risk Assessment can be viewed here.
    Neither Maves nor landowners or occupiers, by giving permission to survey, are implicitly accepting any liability:  professional surveyors, as independent experienced experts, assume full responsibility for their own risk assessment and personal and third party liability insurance.