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  • White Admiral Butterflies

    Friday 7th Jul 2017
    This gloriously warm weather has brought out the best of British nature and isn’t it just magnificent?   One group that benefits greatly from the heat and sunshine is the butterflies, and walking along a footpath through any local meadow...Read More...

    Elder for Everyone

    Wednesday 12th Apr 2017
    What a glorious month this is, for the world is positively bursting into life with plants, shrubs, and trees producing leaves and turning the world green once more. One of the earliest trees to produce its leaves is not really a tree – yet it ...Read More...

    March of the Newts

    Friday 24th Feb 2017
    March is precariously straddled between winter and spring. Cold and gloomy days seem stark and lifeless, yet all around us life is stirring; birds are building nests, hazel catkins sway in the gentlest breeze unloading pollen, woodland plants are pus...Read More...

    The Serenity of Snowdrops

    Wednesday 8th Feb 2017
    The delicate white, gently drooping flowers of the snowdrop are a sure sign that winter’s lifeless grip is weakening.  A surge of optimism often accompanies one’s first sighting of these flowers in the new year, which are growing on ...Read More...

    The Big Farmland Bird Count

    Monday 23rd Jan 2017
    The Big Farmland Bird Count is a relatively new initiative, similar to the Big Garden Bird Watch (28th – 30th January), but based on farms. The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) organise it in order to track trends in farmland birds a...Read More...