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  • Glover National Parks Review - Proposals by ACT

    Tuesday 18th Dec 2018
    Response from Arun Countryside Trust to call for evidence for Julian Glover’s Review of National Parks and AONBs SUMMARY OF OUR PROPOSALS TO THE REVIEW Proposal 1: The National Park system requires better integration and culture change to re...Read More...

    Launch of Arun Countryside Trust as a registered Charity

    Monday 22nd Oct 2018
    The Arun Countryside Trust, or ACT, as a newly registered charity, was launched at the Arundel Apple Day in mid October.  It has now been registered as a Charitable Incorporated Organization, approved by the Charity Commission.   &lsq...Read More...

    MAVES bags £2000 from Tesco’s community grant scheme

    Saturday 6th Oct 2018
    Mid Arun Valley Environmental Survey is delighted to announce it has “bagged” £2000 from Tesco’s Bags of Help community grant scheme - as has been reported in the Littlehampton Gazette. Millions of shoppers have voted in Tesc...Read More...

    Autumn Alliances

    Monday 24th Sep 2018
    Those venturing out into the Mid Arun Valley this October, perhaps to admire the bronzes, reds and golds of the autumn leaves in the Binsted Woods complex and the numerous hedgerows and shaws radiating from this ancient woodland, are likely to distur...Read More...

    Mid Arun Valley Mammals Matter

    Friday 22nd Jun 2018
    The recent results of the first comprehensive review of mammal populations for more than 20 years, undertaken by the Mammal Society for Natural England, makes sombre reading, It concluded that nearly one in five of our mammal species are at risk from...Read More...