• Individual Wildlife Sites

    Cross-species studies of individual local sites of particular wildlife habitat interest have commenced with two woodland sites with the support of their several Binsted owners.  The locations will not be specified on this website for wildlife protection reasons but some findings will be reported here to indicate the nature and interest of what is found.

    A. Binsted Village Project Site

    B. Woodland Project Site 

    Species of interest include bluebells, orchids, dormice.  Further description is under development.

    C. Field-and-hedgerows site

    Hedgerows includes two notable trees (an ash and a field maple) and ancient woodland indicators such as Ruscus aculeatus Butchers Broom.

    Field margins include flora such as lesser stitchwort, musk mallow, snowdrop, star of bethlehem, red campion, ground ivy, speedwells, birdsfoot trefoil, knapweed, mullein. 

    Likely species survey interest includes dormice, harvest mice, pygmy shrew, invertebrates.

    D.  Wetland sites - see eg Meadow Lodge Project